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simone 12-03-2009 15:03

special transmissions from TDF/ Montsinery for SWL Fest
TDF will have special DRM transmissions from Montsinery/ French Guyana for the SWL Fest.

Friday 13-03-09 and Saturday 14-03-09 (UTC).
Time = 13.00-20.00 UTC
Freq. = 17545 kHz

mode B
cr = 0.5
data rate = 17 kbits/s

Thanks Jacques!

Brendan1 12-03-2009 16:24

I'll certainly be trying to copy it from here! Montsinery has always done a fantastic job of coverage for North America, even when off the beam.

Digger 13-03-2009 15:26

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Hi Jacques and all,

I am a bit out of the target area, but I caught a few words and some bursts of music around 1410.

mitajohn 13-03-2009 18:40

Mar. 13
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Hi Jacques and all,

The only thing I got is on the "png".

Brendan1 13-03-2009 19:34

13 March transmission
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Well, I'm not in the target area but I was able to receive something out here.

PP5AZF-Ataliba 14-03-2009 12:25

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Decoded Audio 11,53% (13:00-20:00) :)
02 Radio AM em 17.550 e 17.555 khz :(

drmdab 14-03-2009 13:17

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"Good" start, but no audio when the signal got weaker. Good audio quality when I got some sound, I want more from Montsinery! Jacques and Michel, pleeeease.... :)

Digger 14-03-2009 14:15

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A bit stronger signal today than yesterday. Here is the best part of the log (so far, I'm still logging...)

At 1330 China started blabbering in AM 5 kHz up, which killed everything.

Added the log up until 1845.

f1tay 14-03-2009 16:33

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Tentative of reception at Paris.

Brendan1 14-03-2009 19:38

14 Mar log
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I did not begin to receive anything until after 1600 (0900 local), but once I did reception was quite good!

stef 04-10-2010 20:17

Montsinery is back on air!! on 17650Khz

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