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drmdab 14-08-2007 09:27

VTC NordicHF2007 on 11865

At 0900 the VTC SeaTrial started on 11865. Later (0920) the label changed into VTC NordicHF2007. The Fraunhofer MM Player is still decoding the MOT Website...
Now 25 db.

drm-dx.de says

0900-1200 08/14-08/17 11865 66 N Europe 100 VTC Sea Trial G English Woofferton UK

Kind regards


drmdab 14-08-2007 10:04

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Fraunhofer and DREAM decoded no website... :confused:

Close-down at 09:58 UTC. :(

FritzWue 14-08-2007 10:27

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Signal fluctuating very much, impulse varying between single and double peak, probably backscatter.
There was a strong totally overmodulated turkish speaking AM station on 11955 kHz splattering +/- 150 kHz all over the band reducing SNR here.
No Main Service Channel Data decoded here.

FritzWue 14-08-2007 12:15

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Unattended log, still interference from 11955 kHz AM at start.

mitajohn 14-08-2007 13:17

Aug. 14
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Hi all,

An auto-log.

simone 14-08-2007 20:09

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A weak signal here, looks like a 1 hour lunchbreak ;)

Sixten 15-08-2007 10:28

15 Aug
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Very strong signal her in Sweden. 45min log.

mitajohn 15-08-2007 12:19

Aug. 15
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Hi all,

I was present only during the last minutes of the transmission and the time was not enough for updating MOT.

drmdab 15-08-2007 13:29

No log today, something with DREAM went wrong.

Has anyone decoded the MOT? Maybe it's no website...?

simone 15-08-2007 14:54

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Reception similar to yesterday, but lots of datastream problems, also higher bitrate than yesterday morning. Also nothing decoded here, hope it does work with the equipment used in Sweden.

FritzWue 16-08-2007 10:32

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Not bad today.

drmdab 16-08-2007 12:12

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Not bad here, too.
VTCNordicHF2007 is still on the air (1208 UTC), but no data decoded yet.
At about 1200 there was a short label change (see screenshot).

Unfortunately, someone stumbled over the DTW while the auto-log was running... :rolleyes:

mitajohn 16-08-2007 12:13

Aug. 16
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Hi all,

Similar results, no MOT data ?.

Digger 16-08-2007 12:27

16th Aug
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Very weak signals at times, but this is what I got today. Funnily enough, I got no picture today and none yesterday either. Yesterday the content was mostly about the uppings in Iraq. A short log before the "lunch break" (literally).

I also noticed the totally overmodulated turkish AM station on 11955 kHz splattering +/- 150 kHz all over the band reducing SNR here too.

drmdab 16-08-2007 13:52

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78% CDT, no website....

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