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Digger 15-04-2015 19:56

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The high solar wind speed tonight did not work in favour of AIR...

Digger 16-04-2015 20:18

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92% decoded audio despite high solar wind for a second day. The log is short because it was not much to listen to in the hum and noise.

Digger 18-04-2015 19:50

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This is absolutely not worth logging, not mentioning listening too! Unfortunately I had to zip the mp3, as the Forum does not accept mp3 files...

mitajohn 21-04-2015 19:19

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I was reluctant to report this result but finally I did it.
An hour log at ~98% CDA.
I wonder if anybody is monitoring the audio signal...
Listen to the mp3 inside the zip file accompanied by an another plot.

Digger 21-04-2015 20:27

Hm, I don't understand why they don't add any hum to the 7.55 MHz DRM TX? It just does not produce the AIR feeling without noise and hum !!


mitajohn 24-04-2015 19:46

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A result for 71 mins at 98.5% CDA.

mitajohn 27-04-2015 23:54

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An unattended log for 236 mins and with lower BR.

F1BJB 28-04-2015 21:31

Same usual poor audio quality.

Digger 29-04-2015 06:19


Originally Posted by F1BJB
Same usual poor audio quality.

For some reason unknown, the audio on the test transmissions on 7.550 MHz are completely free from hum and noise!

mitajohn 30-04-2015 21:20

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An unattended log for 193 mins, ~89,8% CDA.

Digger 09-05-2015 20:42

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So here we are back again with the hum and noise like we're used to....

Per 04-06-2015 19:56

June 4
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I gave 9950 kHz a try, since I did not get any sound on the 7550 kHz transmission.
Russian Service is the label, but despite the awful sound it sounds English to me. ;)
Quite good reception 19:11 and 19:42 UTC with a CDA of 50 %.

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