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mvs sarma 28-02-2012 04:38


Originally Posted by Digger
Nepali Service this time. The little audio I heard sounded quite good. But it was very little.

Many transmissions Yesterday had same banner Nepali service.
the service on15050 actually Sinhalese language, but banner as Nepali service. perhaps some error in banner section.

Digger 03-03-2012 05:52

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Back in Scandinavia and no reception at all... :confused:

Digger 14-03-2012 19:20

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... Or just some sporadic decoding tonight. Is the season over for India to Europe? :confused:

drmdab 17-03-2012 17:13

a short log
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For some reason, DREAM lost the signal very often but my short log results in 97% CDA at least. By the way, it is good to hear that there weren't any audio-problems anymore. Actually, it did not sound like 20 kbps but at least was without any noise.

Digger 17-03-2012 18:57

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The first 21 minutes were fine, then suddenly the signal got weaker.

Digger 23-03-2012 19:11

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A test with DRM S/W Radio 2.0.38 on Windows 7.

FritzWue 25-03-2012 20:29

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Attached is a screenshot I took listening to RNZI on 9890 kHz.
There is a "little" difference in the linearity between VoR on 9880 kHz and AIR on 9950 kHz.

DH5YM 29-03-2012 20:27

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Also here in Dresden i see the wideband noise spectrum from AIR.
Mostly stable reception during the whole evening.
Studio modulation is a bit too narrow as always ;)

Digger 04-04-2012 21:30

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The log covers 199 minutes. Good, stable reception, but severe hum, at least when there is no audio present. Seems like they were pulling plugs from time to time tonight. The clock was correct, but the date was 5th April. Seems like this is a common problem as I have seen this error on RNZI too.

Digger 05-04-2012 20:38

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There is nothing wrong with the reception, but the audio source, like around 2030 UTC that was limited to about 2000 Hz, so the speech quality was next to nothing. :rolleyes:

Digger 06-04-2012 22:13

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Good, but not perfect reception this evening.

Digger 07-04-2012 22:01

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Pretty good reception, and the audio sounded better tonight.

Digger 09-04-2012 14:29

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Good reception last night.

Digger 09-04-2012 22:25

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273 minutes (or 4 1/2 hours) of perfect reception.

Digger 10-04-2012 20:10

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138 minutes (or 2h 18 min) of more or less perfect logging.

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