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df9rb 04-03-2007 20:37

March 4th
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instead of a log a short audio recording from today.....
Even if this is a test transmission - is this a promotion for DRM ????

Bernd, DF9RB

mitajohn 04-03-2007 20:53

Mar. 4
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Hi all,

....And when QRM almost cleared channel the signal was very weak.

Owdjim 04-03-2007 21:37

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Hi All

Here's todays log from Wellington.

Cheers, Chris

carknue 04-03-2007 21:41

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Strong and weak periods today. But quite good results today. Sound was OK, but surely could be better.

simone 04-03-2007 21:49

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A very weak period from 2140- 2200, otherwise not bad, MOT still not working.

Funkerberg 04-03-2007 21:59

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Reception at Königs Wusterhausen


DRM-OM 04-03-2007 22:46

Two weak phases
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in todays log

DRM-OM 05-03-2007 19:19

Test over?
Seems to be analog only today :(

drmdab 01-10-2008 18:45

AIR Khampur to Europe on 9950 kHz
Hi all,

All India Radio (AIR) will start some DRM broadcasts beamed to Europe from Delhi Khampur tomorrow, October 2nd.
The QRG is 9950 kHz, 1745-2230 UTC.
There's a strong AM carrier on the frequency right now, AIR testing I guess.
Please note that there is also a DRM transmission for India on 6100 kHz at 0430-1130 UTC but I think we should open another thread for this broadcast?

Hope to hear and see some DRM from India again tomorrow! :)

simone 02-10-2008 16:42

Threads merged.
Please post results on the new tests from AIR on 9950 kHz in this existing thread.

Owdjim 02-10-2008 19:14

9950 kHz in NZ
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Hi All

9950 kHz peaked up enough to be decodable for a few minutes this morning here in Wellington, New Zealand. Seems to have faded back down into the static now though.

Cheers, Chris

Sixten 02-10-2008 20:39

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Hi Simone.

Her is short log from Sweden . Very strong signal stringth but audio problems.

drmdab 02-10-2008 20:58

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Good signal!
Audio quality? Ehhhm... yes... eh... there was audio... audio in the Indian way... :rolleyes:

Digger 02-10-2008 21:04

9950 kHz
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Hi all,

At last some variation in the DRM output... AIR started with a test tone a bit before the scheduled start, but soon music flowed through the speakers in full Mono. There were no text messages until I switched off at 21 UTC.

Most of the time the signal was around 27-35 dBµV and the decoded audio was >99.5% throughout the log. There were some audio problems at times. The French programme was studded with blups around 2020 UTC. Around 2040 UTC there was no or very weak audio, and at times there was only hum. Anyway, it is a test transmission! (?).

On the whole, the low bitrate produced a very stable reception.

mitajohn 02-10-2008 22:40

Oct. 2
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Hi all,

SQ = 99.8% for about 4 hours. The signal was rather stable and reached up to 55 dBuV with limited SNR. Audio: Low-Fi.

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