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mitajohn 03-03-2007 08:34

Mar. 3
Hi all,

Not even a faint signal in my QTH...

f1tay 03-03-2007 10:22

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Reception at Paris.

Balazs 03-03-2007 17:32

My first DRM reception
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Dear members,

I'm a beginner, this is my first message.

After a hard work I modified my ATS-818 with a Sat-Schneider mixer.

My antenna is a Degen DE31

Yesterday evening at 20:20 (UTC) it was my first DRM reception at 9950 !

I used Dream in my laptop through microphone connection.

I try to attach a picture.

Sorry if I'm not using the "conventional" type of attachments.

I will be happy to get any advice how to improve.

Best regards,

BalazsAttachment 29281

DRM-OM 03-03-2007 19:01

Hi, and welcome!
You could:
  • goto "View" "Evaluation Dialog" in dream
  • check the box "Log file" after entering the frequency of reception in the bottom center of the window
This will write a logfile (DreamLog.txt) of the transmission you receive in the folder where dream.exe is located: every minute the SNR and Audio quality is recorded.

Then you go to Carsten's homepage and download "DRMcalc".

In this program you can import the logfile and get the conventional type of graph which you can save by pressing the "capture" button.

Good luck!

Balazs 03-03-2007 19:31

Thank you for advices
Thank you Bernhard !

I'll follow your advices !


DRM-OM 03-03-2007 21:33

... and here are today's results
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which are not as good as the past days

df9rb 03-03-2007 21:34

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nearly 100 % decoded audio. Audio quality partly bad. It is not a good idea to compress the audio in a digital mode. For analogue transmissions it s OK but in DRM it decreases the quality!

Bernd, DF9RB

carknue 03-03-2007 21:38

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Not so good as yesterday, but sound quality was better than yesterday.

PaulT 04-03-2007 00:15

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Unattended log for AIR

simone 04-03-2007 06:08

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Bad results last night.

Sixten 04-03-2007 06:19

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Hi all.

Transmission today was very good , strong and stabile S9+20db .
AIR have very good DRM spectrum . Pse see my picture. So propagation very good. But terrible audio quality.


mitajohn 04-03-2007 07:33

Mar. 3
Hi all,

Not even a faint signal again, just noise.

tradio99 04-03-2007 11:52

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good results last night, the best from the beginning of the tests, slideshow without slides

mitajohn 04-03-2007 18:59

Mar. 4
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Hi all,

With this kind of interference it is impossible to receive this TX.

Sixten 04-03-2007 20:10

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Hi all.

Signal from AIR today is fantastic only slow QSB from S9+10 to S9+50db !!!!
I have never see so strong DRM signal in this propagation we now have.

I can not understand this signal stringth. Total free from QRM in this cannel.
Audio quality partly bad.


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