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andimik 28-11-2008 22:50

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Bad audio quality, much noise, like very weak FM signal ...

Digger 29-11-2008 07:15

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A little bit weak signal this evening. Sometimes very distorted sound, but that seems to be standard out there. The Indian PM on BBC World sounded exactly the same. :eek:

FritzWue 29-11-2008 19:34

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Borrowed a PERSEUS....amazing little box!
Bad audio quality, low SNR, high noisefloor:

Digger 29-11-2008 21:45

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Not good at all tonight.

df9rb 30-11-2008 20:15

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Bernd, DF9RB

Digger 30-11-2008 20:40

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Not acceptable (but the signal was not the best tonight).

Even though, some fragments of sound were heard on the Morphy Richards and its telescopic antenna (but with my modded AC supply).

FritzWue 01-12-2008 19:12

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Bad audio, low SNR:

Digger 01-12-2008 20:32

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Low signal, bad audio, unfavourable configuration, no fun at all... :rolleyes:
When will they give up 64 QAM ?????

Digger 02-12-2008 20:38

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The only two-channel mono station in DRM spiced with 100 Hz hum - and - echo. At least in the beginning of my log I could hear native music under the person talking, but that was definitely not the same programme. Sometimes there was severe distortion because of too high AF input level. And, I pose myself the question again: Why do they insist of adding echo to the audio????

From 21 UTC there is an AM carrier in the channel, which makes decoding difficult.

Between 1920-2056 UTC the reception was near to perfect with 99.7% CDA and the signal hovered around 30 dBuV.

Sixten 03-12-2008 20:06

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40min log for RX test on Dx signal . :)

Digger 03-12-2008 20:35

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Hm, completely differnt experience down here compared to Sixten's.....

Digger 04-12-2008 20:48

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The signal petered out here around 2140 UTC. Before that an Antivirus update messed up the log around 2105 UTC and co-channel QRM started at 2059 UTC. The RF signal was very weak around 1840 UTC.

Digger 05-12-2008 20:56

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This evening resulted in 99.3% CDA (but only between 1915 till 2030). ;)
During the 4 hours long log I got only 44% CDA. :eek:
An e-mail to AIR about skipping the 64 QAM did not (yet) bring any reaction from Bharat.

The Morphy Richards was playing happily in the living room with its telescopic antenna when the signal was at its best. :cool:

simone 06-12-2008 16:35

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Best time here was 1910- 2015.

Digger 07-12-2008 10:06

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An unattended, autostarted (and autostopped :mad: ) log.
1751-1820: 98.5 % CDA
1821-1926: 23.5 % CDA
1927-2154: 98.3 % CDA

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