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drmdab 17-11-2013 15:38

5895 kHz Brother Staire Test via Kostinbrod
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Hurray, it is Brother Scare in DRM! Currently on 5895 kHz in DRM and 10 kHz up in AM. Let's see how long this transmission will last...

Currently (1640 UTC) the signal comes in here near Stuttgart, Germany with 14-17 dB SNR, so you can actually understand a little bit of what is said.

mitajohn 18-11-2013 17:17

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The signal suffered by heavy fading. Bad results.

Digger 20-11-2013 16:03

DR111 with external active antenna
Very difficult to decode, the DRM was in English (perhaps a Brother), but 10 kHz up was AM in Russian (?) or something similar. Mostly 7-11 dB SNR and the occasional word or two with 12-14 dB SNR.

DRM-Belarus 30-11-2013 06:09

I am getting the signal every evening for the last week. DR111 stops on the frequency stably when autoscanning. Label - SPC. Frequency - 5895 kHz. Unfortunately, I have no time to analyze logs.

richardinprague 07-12-2013 15:47

A very broken-up signal received here near Prague this afternoon around 1620G. Definitely English, but with only 13/14dB SNR and one bar showing on my New star, not good enough to decode consistently. Label said SPC

richardinprague 12-12-2013 18:22

A much better signal technically this evening - unbroken reception for an hour up to closedown at 1800G.
I will make no comment on the content other than to say that I, for one, believe that dinosaurs existed!

FritzWue 15-12-2013 18:14

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Who is paying that transmission? :eek: :rolleyes:

ianf 12-01-2014 15:50

Newstar and PKs Loop SW620
Fairly good reception here in E Devon, content rather dubious IMO!

AF4MP 12-01-2014 16:10


Originally Posted by FritzWue
Who is paying that transmission? :eek: :rolleyes:


ianf 14-01-2014 16:46

Thanks for the link, sadly it sums it up nicely

tpreitzel 14-01-2014 20:31


Originally Posted by AF4MP

Although I don't necessarily approve of everything broadcasted from religious broadcasters, this nonsensical rant of bigoted stereotypes is truly hilarious. ;) If you don't like certain content, just stop listening to it. Just from the humorous response to religious broadcasters, I'm convinced that Staire needs to be on the air in Europe. :)

F1BJB 15-01-2014 16:37

There is hum in the audio.

richardinprague 01-07-2014 14:02

Does anyone know whether bro Scare is still broadcasting from Kostinbrod?

I would imagine that this 5MHz frequency doesn't get too far in the summer months. I've heard nothing from him for ages!

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