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FritzWue 29-04-2012 06:23

11875 kHz RRI Tiganesti
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English morning transmission, strong signal, wide noisefloor, good reception here:

tpreitzel 03-04-2013 07:23

Although the current transmission on 11875 kHz appears to be from Galbeni instead of Tiganesti, I'll temporarily post my logs and observations here.

Even with co-channel interference from Vandiver in the USA on 11870 kHz, I still received a significant signal this evening which was a surprise. If I have a log, I'll post it. I haven't checked if the log was actually saved yet.

Guess what? The Newstar DR111 failed to save the log again... The high SNR was ~ 12 dB. Before the broadcast started at 0530 Z, I first recorded a very brief Galbeni SDC on 11830 kHz ( ~ 1 minute) which I thought rather bizarre since the main broadcast occurs on 11875 kHz. Next time .

tpreitzel 06-04-2013 07:03

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Ambient Conditions: 49 F @ surface, RH 50 %, partly overcast, average noise, PC off ( 0 dB loss)

About 5 minutes prior to broadcasting on 11875 kHz (allegedly from Tiganesti according to the HFCC), a short, 1 minute DRM broadcast appears on 11830 kHz from Galbeni. * From the HFCC database, RRI does broadcast from 0500-0530 UTC on 11830 kHz in analog. (not digital). Honestly, I haven't checked yet the whole 30 minute period from 0500-0530Z to see if RRI is broadcasting in DRM on 11830 kHz from Galbeni instead of analog.

* The 1 minute period is all that I've noticed thus far.

tpreitzel 03-05-2013 06:53

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Ambient Conditions: 50 F @ surface, RH 25 %, clear, average noise, PC off ( 0 dB loss)

Just like a Jack-In-The-Box, RRI on 11875 kHz popped-up better than normal. Maybe, co-channel interference from the 11870 kHz broadcast from Vandiver was absent this morning. If only we listeners could convince international, especially intercontinental, broadcasters to switch to a MSC of 16 QAM and a bit-rate of 14 kbps. At least, RRI uses parametric stereo with their high bit-rates. ;)

tpreitzel 06-05-2013 06:29

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Ambient Conditions: 49 F @ surface, RH 42 %, clear, average noise, PC off ( 0 dB loss)

F1BJB 30-07-2013 06:14

Very strong. 35dB SNR perfect audio

F1BJB 06-09-2013 05:47

Perfect reception of the English program too.
I wonder why they switch from 11830 to 11875
Found it :to make room for RUVR :-)

F1BJB 19-10-2013 05:59

Very good again 30dB SNR
Audio processing seems too aggressive for a DRM transmission

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