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carknue 03-04-2004 17:10

Kuwait on 13620 khz
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Hi all,

low signal strength, but quite good results.

carknue 18-04-2004 21:28

With Mode D I hardly get any audio. Needs a very high SNR for only 13 kbps.

carknue 15-05-2004 09:58

Ho, what the hell is this strange signal?

carknue 25-07-2004 20:53

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weak signal today from all european stations, but not so from Kuwait. Nearly perfect reception for 3 hours.

midre 29-08-2004 21:06

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Hi DRMs,

my reception results from Kuwait .
Due low bitrate and transmission mode nearly 100% decoded audio.....

regards, michael

df8uo 06-11-2004 12:15

Perfect reception today. However low bitrate.

Does anyone know a URL or E-Mail adress of Radio Kuwait?



FT757GX + Dipole + SAT Schneider Module + Dream SW

Owdjim 14-12-2004 09:03

13620 kHz
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Hi All

MOI Kuwait rose above the terrible splash from 13610 kHz for a while today and provided some partial decoding for a change.

Cheers, Chris

Owdjim 07-02-2005 09:47

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Hi All

Got some broken audio from Kuwait on 13620 kHz today. This is another DRM frequency that is ruined by China in this part of the world. In this case the offending transmitter is on 13610 kHz. And people complain about DRM signals being wide :-(

Cheers, Chris

4S7DRG 31-03-2005 13:59

KUWAIT on 13620 khz
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Colombo - 31.03.2005

From the Kuwait DRM-signal we still get a good backloop
of abt. S 8 over here. Sufficient enough for some audio.
At certain days an 10 - 12 dB SNR Signal is giving a constant
audio decoding. Today unfortunatly the fading was extrem
and therefore audio quite poor.

see attachment

Jos 30-04-2005 12:00

13620 Radio Kuwait
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Hi all,

The results of two hours registration.

Except 5 min. OK.

Kind regards.


carknue 30-04-2005 16:05

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It started with a very strong signal, but soon the signal went very low. nevertheless reception was perfect all the time.

mitajohn 05-05-2005 14:17

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Hi All,

Almost perfect, here in Athens but not good sound.


mitajohn 29-05-2005 13:49

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Hi All,

Very good reception as always, in spite of low SNR. Some big dropouts at 1155 - 1210.


df8uo 05-06-2005 18:54

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Hi all,
listened since long time again to this frequency. Quite good result.
73, Daniel

mitajohn 13-06-2005 13:37

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Hi All,

Perfect reception today.


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