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Owdjim 29-02-2020 10:56

Calling any previous site administrators!

Still desperately seeking any former site administrators for drmrx.org!

Neil & I have managed to get the site going again, but there is still a big black hole around what company is actually hosting the site.

We'd really like to contact any previous site admins who have site admin login details...

Cheers, Chris

tpreitzel 29-02-2020 11:02

Winradio folks?

Owdjim 29-02-2020 11:53


Originally Posted by tpreitzel
Winradio folks?

I've emailed every address that everyone has given me, but no one has replied.

Neil & I have restored access to the web site, but neither of us has any admin access to it, and we are having a lot of trouble trying to find out where the site is actually hosted!

Cheers, Chris

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