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Cumbredx 12-09-2019 15:41

Avion or Uniwave Radio Wanted
Hi - I am looking to purchase an Avion or Uniwave Radio.

If you have one you want to sell, drop me a line.

tpreitzel 14-09-2019 00:21


I don't want to highjack your thread, but i do want to reiterate my frustration and anger with Gospell over failing to repair my broken GR-216 at their expense which was within warranty and broken as shipped from Gospell. How does this company think that suddenly I'll be buying more of their products in my lifetime? It won't happen even if excellent unless Gospell rectifies the sitation with my borked GR-216. It's unfortunate that Hans has to seek out other options since Gospell has been releasing shoddy radios. Maybe, Hans just wants those other models for a collection. I don't know. I do know that Gospell won't be receiving any more money from me. Philip and Terje, here is a chance to dump those poor performing Avion receivers...

PhilipOneL 29-09-2019 22:30

I received, a few weeks ago, a package from Avion. It contained a new circuit board for my DR-1401. I am less than amateurish about doing electrical work, so I wrote back with my thanks, asking for any advice they had for installing it. I received no advice.

I understand the new guts will improve several things I had complained about, but exactly which ones I am unsure of. I *think* it is supposed to improve sensitivity which in turn would improve the ability of the Avion set to decode audio from DRM signals, as well as improve its performance with ordinary AM signals.

I intend to take it to a local electronics shop to see whether they'll do the job for me.

tpreitzel 29-09-2019 23:46

Although late, it's good to know that Avion is at least supporting its products and its customers. I only wish Gospell would do likewise.

Digger 04-10-2019 06:03


Originally Posted by PhilipOneL
I received, a few weeks ago, a package from Avion. It contained a new circuit board for my DR-1401.

Hi Philip,

I have been promised this from Avion umpteen times without progress! Did anyone put a name on the delivery slip?

PhilipOneL 08-10-2019 13:18

Hi Terje,
Ankit organised it, though there was someone else who I dealt with at the end about the shipment.
I'm taking it this morning to my local electronics shop to see whether they can install it.
Good luck!

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