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Baldo34 10-02-2007 08:18

9655/ 5945 kHz BVBN from Wertachtal
New transmission from Wertachtal: BVBN in English every Saturday from 09:15-09:45 UTC on 5945 kHz.

73, Klaus

simone 17-02-2007 21:37

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Good results this morning.

drmdab 24-02-2007 11:06

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No perfect reception this morning...


simone 24-02-2007 13:44

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Bad results, I am too close to Wertachtal.

simone 03-03-2007 09:11

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Rather good results today.

simone 10-03-2007 20:50

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A weak signal and bad results today (mobile reception)

Per 07-04-2007 08:48

BVB-DRM on 9655 kHz
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I just noticed a new broadcaster on 9655 kHz called BVB-DRM at 08:40 UTC.
Propagation must be very bad today as this broadcast from Wertachtal gave no audio.

DBourne 07-04-2007 10:00

It's a Christian station with studios in UK and Canada

simone 07-04-2007 19:23

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Not really a new broadcaster on DRM, they only changed frequency for A07, again a very weak signal today, no decoding possible.

Threads merged.

simone 14-04-2007 18:07

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Too weak here for any decoding.

FritzWue 08-07-2007 12:57

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Just the last few minutes.
Last screenshot in the second png shows the frequency after the end of the transmission.

simone 11-08-2007 09:37

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Some decoding today.

drmdab 16-09-2007 12:47

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A short log bot good results. The first drop-out was my fault.

Label: BVB-DRM
PTY: Religion
Text messages: "Wertachtal transmitter", "DRM-Test", "provided by T-Systems" etc.

Program was again "Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssaf".
Sound quality was ok but not perfect.

Have a nice day!

F10300 20-10-2007 08:57

20/10/2007 - BVB - 9655 kHz
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Hello la Liste,

Please find a short log. Slow QSB this morning.



drmdab 04-11-2007 17:18

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Perfect reception (100% CDA) but bad sound quality sometimes. There was a different program in the last second on air...

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