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Andreas 29-10-2006 14:41

Vatican Radio 6060 kHz
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First log of this new QRG - works quite well at me.

carknue 29-10-2006 15:09

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Strong and really stable, that's how I like DRM. Only the audio bitrate should be higher.

sveron 29-10-2006 16:38

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Perfect here too, though my computer was plugged to AC power and to phone line !


carknue 05-11-2006 15:04

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Strong signal, very stable and high SNR. Perfect. There was a TX break at 15:06 UTC.

FritzWue 07-11-2006 17:33

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Werne-A1-Ascheberg south of Muenster
Very good signal!

Sixten 10-11-2006 16:31

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Hi all.

Short log from 6060Khz. But very good signal.

Janucha 11-11-2006 14:54

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There are first words in my native Polish language, which I heard on DRM. I'm waiting for another station.

carknue 17-11-2006 15:21

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Very good again, but a lot of TX break at the begining.

carknue 24-11-2006 15:04

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Perfect reception, but a TX break in the middle.

carknue 17-12-2006 15:34

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A strong an perfect signal.

simone 18-12-2006 14:25

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Strong signal, but some problems today, looked like this all the time.

Digger 28-12-2006 14:38

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I was surprised to be able to receive this QRG with perfect (100%) decoded audio in the crowded band. The log is rather short, just about 20 minutes.

Looking at Simone's Input Spectrum it reminds me of QRN (static noise from fog) or a splattery broadcaster in the band near the DRM frequency. Only a thought...

carknue 24-02-2007 14:41

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Not so good indoors with the DWT today.

drmdab 28-10-2007 14:09

Vatican Radio on 6060 kHz DRM
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Hi all

Radio Vaticana is back on 6060 kHz.
Perfect reception + good programe = :)

Only the frequency in the text message was wrong.

Edit: Just added the log. I did not hear any drop-outs.

Wow! My post number 100!

carknue 04-11-2007 18:14

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Perfect reception yesterday, but programme language was differnet than scheduled.

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