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f1tay 01-11-2006 13:44

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Reception at Paris.

hsseppo 01-11-2006 14:42

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RNZI in Helsinki, pretty good.

simone 01-11-2006 15:47

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Not too bad for not being in the target area.

Sixten 02-11-2006 11:14

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Hi all.

Her is log of 238min . today. Very good prppagation and nice program from RNZI. Only QRM from Guam AM . Very strong S9+10db and stabile signal.


fibber 03-11-2006 14:25

Roller Coaster Ride
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Several 1 hr chunks of 99%+ but the rest is up and down.

Sixten 03-11-2006 15:11

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Hi all.

Log today is only 113min. I must switch of for work.

FritzWue 03-11-2006 16:35

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DRT1 with L-antenna
Switched between DREAM 1.6.1 and older WinRadio DRM 1.2.5.
Somehow could not merge the txt files with the slightly different format, so here a little wider graphic. :D
Obviously the newer DREAM decodes much better than the older WinRadio version, even when using the integrated notchfilter.

df9rb 04-11-2006 14:09

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Hi all,

a short log from today.

Bernd, DF9RB

Sixten 04-11-2006 14:26

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LOg from start 0800UTC to 1200UTC. This time start very strong AM on 9875Khz and RNZI brake down. 225MIn.

Per 05-11-2006 08:57

Nov 5
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Better reception than what the calculation gives.
Nice to pick up Radio New Zealand International - The Voice of the Pacific, as the text msg reads.

Andreas 05-11-2006 11:02

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Best around midnight (in New Zealand ;) ) unless there is no interference (including self made one).

BtW an indoor mounted (!) DX-10 antenna was used.

Sixten 05-11-2006 13:35

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Hi all.

Very good signal from RNZI today but only problem from TWR from Guam .

225min. Log.

FritzWue 07-11-2006 17:26

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48712 Gescher-B525-A43-A1-59368 Werne in northwestern Germany.
Here also problems after 09:30 UTC with interference from AM 5kHz down.

zfyoung 09-11-2006 00:40

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I don't know what happened with the transmission schedule.Didn't they say 9890kHz at this time? 9870kHz starting from 1200 UTC is plagued with severe ajacent channel interference which is a religious program of chinese language.

BTW: I have done some tinkering with Dream decoding algorithm, otherwise the successfully decoded audio frame would be even fewer.

CT1ADT 09-11-2006 13:28

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Very good signal from RNZI today in 9890kHz

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