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hsseppo 11-01-2008 11:06

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rather good after 09:56 UTC. Still problem of interferences. There is also NRZI AM transmission at 9765 kHz. It is interesting to listen both transmission at the same time.

hsseppo 11-01-2008 11:13

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ok. I'll include also the spectrum of 9870 DRM + 9765 AM at the same moment. The zip file is 5 seconds audio of DRM and AM again at the same time.

Sixten 13-01-2008 08:16

13 Jan
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Hi all.

RNZI is not fan now, very QRM from autotransmitter type F1 RTTY on 9873 .
And this F1 station give QRM from 9868 to 9880 and S9+20db. :mad:

df9rb 13-01-2008 11:01

Jan 13tn
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Hello all,

good today in South East Germany. At 10:57 according to their schedule the TX-antenna direction was changed from 0 degree (1st log) to 325 degrees (2nd log). 320 degrees would be best for my location. The log shows no changes in SNR between 10:57 and 11:00.

No RTTY-QRM here, around 11:30 two AM-stations (5 kHz down and in the center) became stronger.


Sixten 14-01-2008 07:33

14 Jan.
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Hi all.

Short log today .

Only 24min 0820 F1 TX on 9873 Khz start and ID on CW X X X X REA4 REA4 57298 POLYNOWKABJYXO ???????? !!!!!!!!REA4: Russian Air Force Moscow !!!! REA4 QRT 1145 UTC but now strong AM on 9870 .


Digger 14-01-2008 13:54

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The rubbish on 9873 was clearly seen here too. Around 10:40 it had disappeared, and only a carrier on the RNZI frequency continued. The best reception here is between 12:00 and 12:40 UTC.

AF4MP 15-01-2008 13:03

RNZI 9870 KHz reception near Atlanta, GA
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The overnight 9870 KHz unattended reception report.

Digger 15-01-2008 14:10

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The usual 40 minutes slot became a bit shorter today due to a very strong AM station 5 kHz down.

Digger 16-01-2008 11:57

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The reception was pretty good today until the co-channel AM popped up as usual at 12:38 UTC :mad:

Digger 17-01-2008 11:48

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More or less the same as yesterday. The signal was quite strong in the beginning, but there was heavy Fading. Towards the end of the log the signal gradually got weaker. Then the AM blocker popped up - as usual.

AF4MP 18-01-2008 02:16

RNZI 9870KHz reception near Atlanta, GA
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Last night's 9870KHz unattended reception report.

hsseppo 18-01-2008 11:47

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Rather good signal. AM station 9870kHz interference was rather low (only 10 dB over DRM) and 9873 kHz RTTY was off.

Digger 18-01-2008 12:01

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Forgot all about 9870 today and only caught the very last bit. The QRM usually starting at 12:38 UTC into the hour did not start until 12:45 today. Only a mini-mini-log today.

Sixten 18-01-2008 15:39

18 Jan.
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Very strong signal after 0840 UTC to 0940. Now start AM on 9870.

Today was REA4 Russian Air Force Moscow not QRV . :) :)

AF4MP 19-01-2008 01:14

RNZI 9870KHz reception near Atlanta, GA
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This morning's 9870 KHz unattended reception report. Not very good.

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