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carknue 27-10-2005 20:00

New Version of DRM Disco
After more than one year, the brand new version 2.0 of DRM Discoverer is ready to download! Just in time for the winter schedule B05;)

Because the old thread is deleted, here comes a short intoduction of DRM Discoverer:

The DRM Discoverer will guide you through the rapidly increasing number of daily DRM transmissions. The schedule always shows in green the broadcasts, that are currently on the air. Red transmissions are comming next. Just select one and your connected receiver will tune immediately to this frequency. DRM Discoverer is especially designed for the the use with the DRM Software Radio from Fraunhofer, where you can easily start and stop log files with just one click. Nevertheless you can also use DRM Discoverer together with Dream, because it provides more RX controlls and you can tune just with your mouse wheel, but the log function of Dream cannot be controlled.

Currently supported receivers are: AOR AR 7030, Yaesu FRG100, FT757GX, FRG8800, FT847, TenTec RX320D, WiNRADiO G303, ICOM PCR-1000, Elektor DRM RX and Telefunken E1800, NRD 545 and Digital World Traveller.

And these are the new features and changes in version 2.0:

- added support of Coding Technologies Digital World Traveller
- added support of NRD 545
- increased number of rows in schedule grid
- added 7 user editable frequency presets (edit the ini file)
- added some cleverness to the blue bar for detecting current transmissions
- reduced CPU usage
- increased general performance
- reduced display flicker in schedule
- schedule sorting options are stored
- added log duration display
- added Stop Log button to stop the log
- added seconds to the UTC clock

Free download as usual here:

I hope you like it.

radiomann 27-10-2005 20:31

Hi Carsten,
just downloaded it very good but, when I click on a channel my Winradio doesn't change to what I've clicked any help?


carknue 27-10-2005 20:51

Hi Paul,

what Winradio do you use? It supports only G303. Also Winradio changed the dll before a few months and you need to install the newest Winradio Software, but be sure to close it before you use Discoverer.

Maybe other Winradio users can help. I didn't change anything to the Winradio control and it worked before.

EDIT: Oh, I see that Winradio has released programming details about the 313 serie. In case there is some interest, I could try to implement this rx in DRM Discoverer too?

FritzWue 27-10-2005 22:44

Hi Carsten,

what about the DRT1? Not possible at all? :confused:

carknue 28-10-2005 19:31

Hi Fritz,

this rx is already on my todo list, but it is not so easy. It looks a bit similar to the Elektor RX control, that might be an advantage.

BTW Are there any Winradio G313 users here?

radiomann 28-10-2005 19:34

Hi Carsten
I have the G303 so it should work but I never got it to work before your new version of Discovery, I think I'm upto date on the Winradio software.


carknue 29-10-2005 14:34

I need some DRT1 users for betatesting. Please write me a PM with your email address and I will send you soon a Beta for testing.

carknue 02-11-2005 22:02

I'm still looking for Winradio G313 users for testing.

carknue 09-11-2005 20:24

Good news for all Icom users. I implemented the ICOM CI-V interface control in DRM Discoverer, but I need some more beta testers with different Icom rigs. Please sendme a PM and I will send you a beta version.

carknue 13-11-2005 16:27

New version 2.1
Just finished and uploaded the brand new version 2.1 of DRM Discoverer. Changes and new features are:

- added support for SAT-Schneider DRT1
- added support for ICOM CI-V rigs
- added support for NRD 535
- added support for WiNRADiO G313
- added some more cleverness to the blue bar
- warning dialog with 3 options when changing frequency while logging
- adjusted GUI size to fit better with DRMSWR
- added presets editing window (right click between preset buttons)
- added color settings windows ( right click in schedule)
- renamed Enable to Start
- added history file
- new icon

Free download as usual here:

Per 19-11-2005 07:47

Hi Carsten,

Thank you! Version 2.1 works very well with my PCR1000. I really like the little indication of the time that the logging is done.

WB9OFG 24-11-2005 14:21

Ten-Tec Mod. 550?
Hi Carsten, I have a Ten-Tec "Pegasus". I've heard that the command set may be the same as the RX-series of radios.
I'll give it a try and let you know.


carknue 27-11-2005 20:09

New version 2.2
Just finished and uploaded the brand new version 2.2 of DRM Discoverer. Changes and new features are:

- disabled volume control for NRD 535
- set NRD 545 volume slider initially to zero
- enlarged band selection box for faster access
- now 8 presets
- frequency step is set to 9 kHz, when MW band is selected
- defined some shortcuts
- Arrow left and right tunes in frequency steps up and down
- ALT+Y tunes 1 kHz down
- ALT+X tunes 1 kHz up
- ALT+S toggles Start checkbox
- ALT+M opens presets window
- ALT+C opens color settings window
- ALT+L starts or stops log
- ALT+V sets Volumeslider active use arrow up und downs for volume control
- ALT+A sets AUXslider active use arrow up und downs for AUX volume control
- low power schedule setting will be saved now

Free download as usual here:

carknue 04-02-2006 10:09

New version 2.3
Just finished and uploaded the brand new version 2.2 of DRM Discoverer. Changes and new features are:

- new setting DWT CT to use DRMDisco together with Digital World Traveller Software from Coding Technologies
- some improvements in DWT control
- added support for NRD525
- set Baudrate to 1200 for all ICOM CI-V rigs, to be compatible with R71
- automatic Init procedure before every frequency change for Sat Schneider DRT1 to improve stability
- Yaesu FT817 works with FT847 setting
- added tuning step size of 10 kHz
- tuning step size is stored now in ini file

Free download as usual here:

carknue 19-02-2006 08:10

Urgently needed FRG-100 users!
I'm looking for Yaesu FRG-100 users to test Fieldstrength measurements with DRm Discoverer.

Please send me PNwith your e-mail if interested.

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