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Alan Johnson 03-08-2009 00:09

WAZ Nachricthen 9530/ 9655/ 17650 kHz
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If I am duplicating an existing thread, please forgive me.

I saw a DRM waveform while I was getting ready to listen to TDP via Sackville and got this. The SNR was almost good enough for audio.
I couldn't find it on the DRM schedule I have bookmarked. Can anyone give me any information on this broadcast? I can't believe I was getting reception from Germany on 31 meters 3 1/2 hours before my local sunset.:confused:

drmdab 03-08-2009 08:52

This was posted in DXLD some days ago:


30 Jul 09 22:15 UT
I don't see it on the official DRM list, EIBI nor ADDX, but I'm getting Echo des Tages DRM in German on 9530. S9+40. Near perfect decode, but low quality AAC+ Mono 14.56 kbps. Is this Sackville?
Terry Wilson, MI

Your "WAZ Nachrichten" broadcast is related to this newspaper: http://www.derwesten.de/

drmdab 03-08-2009 22:43

I can see this station right now, Journaline "WAZ Nachrichten". See http://www.dxaktuell.de/waz.png http://www.dxaktuell.de/wazjournaline.png

Edit: Station off at exactly 2305 UTC

Digger 04-08-2009 05:35

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An unattended log. Unfortunately, my automatic screen shot routine failed, so I did not get any labels or other data. :mad:

drmdab 04-08-2009 22:21

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Now it's called "Echo des Tages" with 14 kbps audio.
I bet it changes into Journaline again at 22.30 UTC...
(Start time was short after 22.00)

2205: Echo des Tages (audio)
2235: WAZ Nachrichten (Journaline)
2305: switch off

Language: German, Country: Germany
Exciting... :D

Digger 05-08-2009 07:16

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A short log. The signal was very weak, and "das Echo des Tages" could not be heard. The transmission started shortly after 22 UTC.

maxpower 05-08-2009 07:24

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Very weak herewwith the 19m Deltaloop, too. No decoding possible.

Does anybody know the source of this transmission today?


drmdab 05-08-2009 07:58

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I got an audio-file of the Echo-transmission. The program content is from "NDR Info", which is the talk and news station of my regional broadcaster NDR, www.ndrinfo.de.

Edit: This transmission originates from Nauen, Germany.
Edit 2: Here's tonight's log of the Echo.

mitajohn 05-08-2009 23:28

Aug. 05
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Hi all,

I received this transmission tonight. The signal was fairly good but only fragments of decoded audio (German speaking voices). After 22:35 the audio stopped and replaced by Journaline which received perfectly. There were two different labels for the 1st and 2nd half of the transmission and two BRs too. Take a look at the attached images.

Digger 06-08-2009 08:15

5th Aug.
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So it is Nauen. That is why the reception here is problematic; Nauen always was. I got surprisingly much decoded audio, more than expected. The "Echo des Tages" was just that: A summary of the news from NDR Info. Between 2219 and 2221 I noticed many interruptions in the DRM modulation. At 2221 UTC there was a time check "18:05". The Channel Impulse Response was high, about 4 to 6 ms, which seems to be bad for the decoding (?).

From approx. 2235 the label changed to WAZ Nachrichten, Journaline. I could retrieve all contents without problems.

mitajohn 06-08-2009 22:28

Aug. 06
Hi all,

No results tonight. Very weak signal + QRM. SNR 5 - 7 dB.

f1tay 06-08-2009 23:10

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Tentative of reception at Paris.

Alan Johnson 09-08-2009 00:05

8 Aug log
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Excellent reception of both the audio and data segments today. I wonder what the transmission power and antenna beam heading are?

drmdab 09-08-2009 10:08

I don't know anything about the beam direction, but they're using 200 kW currently.

Digger 09-08-2009 13:34

Hi all,

I sent an e-mail to WAZ asking for details of the transmission and got the exciting answer on the 6th of August:

Sehr geehrter Herr Isberg,
herzlichen Dank für Ihre E-Mail.
Wir haben uns erlaubt, Ihre Anfrage an die zuständige Fachabteilung

Mit herzlichen Grüßen
Ihr WAZ-Leserservice

... let us hope that the "Fachabteilung" knows more...

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