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CT4RK 21-10-2011 19:15

Sines station will be switched off on October 29/30
Hi all

In the next October 29. DW Sines will switch off all transmitters definitely. This is the end of an era of broadcasting in short wave from Portugal. from this date, Portugal have no more "short wave voice". DW Sines was the "last short wave voice " from Portugal. This is a "night of nights" for us in Sines.
To all my friends, thanks for your help during the goods of DRM tests and transmissions.

Best regards

RichD790 23-10-2011 07:12

Very sad to hear that Carlos. Sines was by far and away the strongest and best signal I could pick up here in Sweden with my Multyradio.

drmdab 23-10-2011 11:11

So this is not only the end of a chapter in Deutsche Welle's history, but also the end of an era: shortwave-broadcasting from Portugal.
It would be so nice to see the station in Sines is kept by whoever, but I fear that this won't be the case.

I can only repeat what I already said in a different thread.


Carlos, I was shocked when I heard the news. The decision to close the Sines transmitter makes me very sad as I was able to visit the station some years ago and met the people who made the well transmission-quality possible and kept everything running (actually I am not sure if I even met you for a short moment...!). I will never forget the tx-station in Sines, a very special day in my DXing-"career" and an impressive experience.

If we want to find the reasons for why DRM is at the position where it is in Europe currently, we have to look somewhere else, but not at Profunk / DW-Sines. (...)


Digger 28-10-2011 16:09

Hi Carlos and all Sines fans,

I hope to receive the last transmission, but I fear that I'll be out of the house at that time. :(

Anyway, Sines was a extremely reliable TX, which I could pick up all the way over in Japan too. A very sad day for Sines and it is sad that an era comes to an end.

AF4MP 29-10-2011 15:23

It is a sad day for short wave broadcasting.

Carlos, my best wishes to you and all the others affected by this station closure.

drmdab 30-10-2011 00:21

If I read the DW schedule correctly, I just listened to the very last AM transmission from Sines with the German farewell broadcast...

...thank you Carlos & team. All the best to you.

DRM-OM 21-03-2012 19:38

Does anyone know what happens to the station?
Is it still complete or already being dismantled?
(Perhaps I have the opportunity to pass by in the near future)

Btw: does anyone have the exact location of the RDP station Pegoes (I can't find it in Google Maps :( )
Edit: found thanks to http://ct-spot.blogspot.de/2011/11/c...nal-do-am.html

f1tay 24-03-2012 20:06

The RTP shortwave site at Sao Gabriel :
3847' N
842' W

Sines site :
3756' N
846' W

DRM-OM 25-03-2012 08:46


Originally Posted by f1tay
The RTP shortwave site at Sao Gabriel :
3847' N
842' W

So my above Google Maps link seems to be right.

DRM-OM 07-12-2012 18:27

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by f1tay
The RTP shortwave site at Sao Gabriel :
3847' N
842' W

some last memories:
(sorry for the quality, but this is because of forum limitation)

DRM-OM 07-12-2012 20:41

2 Attachment(s)
Sines is beeing dismantled http://www.dw.de/offenes-verfahren-v...nes/a-16038634 http://recyclingportal.eu/artikel/28815.shtml
so here some last impressions I could shoot on Sept. 18 of this year:

DRM-OM 07-12-2012 20:45

2 Attachment(s)
more impressions.

Will print posters of these as they are in the size region of 10.000 by 4.000 pixels or 4.000 by 5.000 pixels :)

drmdab 08-12-2012 12:23

Some more memories:



FritzWue 08-12-2012 19:19

Thank you for bringing back good memories.

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