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simone 31-01-2009 20:11

Special DRM transmissions to TUNIS/ HFCC conference
There will be special DRM transmissions to TUNIS during HFCC conference next week (Monday 2 to Thursday 5 February 2009) from Issoudun TDF:

Tx location: Issoudun / France,
Power = 150 kW
Azimuth = 150
Antenna = 4/4

DRM configuration:
64 QAM; cr=0.6; SBR; mono


*F = 11875 kHz*
 Monday 02/02:  08.00 to 10.00 UTC only
 Tuesday 03/02: 08.00 to 10.00 UTC only
 Wednesday 04/02: 08.00 to 10.00 UTC
 Thursday 05/02: 08.00 to 10.00 UTC

*F = 11875 kHz*
All days: 02 to 05/02
12.00-14.00 UTC 
*F = 5865 kHz*
All days: 02 to 05/02
19.30-20.59 UTC

DRM listeners in Southern Europe and North Africa should be able to receive these transmissions, please post results here.


corrections from Jacques post below in red

F6AJW 01-02-2009 18:46

Reload this Page Special DRM transmissions to TUNIS/ HFCC conference
HI Simone, James and other friends,

Sorry, I made a mistake: transmissions on 11875 kHz will be also from 08.00 to 10.00 UTC on Monday 2/02 and Thuesday 3/02.

Regards / 73's


Sixten 02-02-2009 08:04

Feb 02
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Hi Jacques.

Short log from 11875 . very fast end deep fading. .:confused:

Sixten 02-02-2009 09:19

Feb 02
2 Attachment(s)
Hi all.

Last 58min. now better signal . :)

Ok Jacques.

TNX info, TX is QRV now again. 1207UTC.

F6AJW 02-02-2009 09:37

DRM to HFCC Tunis
Hi Sixteen,

Antenna direction is not good for you but nice to know that transmitter is:) on air.

Rezgards / 73's.


Ager 02-02-2009 11:44

Well, Jacques, we here in the North presumably like TDF so much that we still try to keep listening (especially if we dont have to listen to TDPRadio trance any more). :)

Good SNR, perfect reception here at the moment. It is just too bad, for me, too, that I cannot be listening somewhere in the warmth of Tunis.

F6AJW 02-02-2009 12:15

Thank you Ager.

I h

F6AJW 02-02-2009 12:23

Thank you Ager.

Sorry for my too short previous message...:o

I had another look to your very interesting reports (with audio files) sent during transmissions to Finland some days ago. Now, you are in a less than optimal situation I agree.

I am no more working for TDF being something like pre-retired (or "early retirrment") but still in close contact with my friends there and keeping on supporting DRM.

Digger 02-02-2009 13:13

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Hi Jacques and all,

Good to see you back in the Forum again, Jacques. I am not really in the target area either, and like previous transmissions from ISS towards Africa, it is not optimum for my QTH. However, the 2nd transmission was better than the first.

Btw, the IR was very messy here with up to 12 peaks visible...

I didn't listen too closely, but TDP went silent just before 09 UTC, then about 20 minutes later the music started again. Around 0927 UT suddenly the language changed to French.

Sixten 02-02-2009 13:24

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Jacques and all.

Perfect DRM propagtion this time strong and stabile, but only 2min music from this 1h 54min. transmission .:rolleyes:

mitajohn 02-02-2009 13:28

Feb. 02 (11875 kHz)
2 Attachment(s)
Hi all,

I received this transmission today with a very good signal (40 - 60 dBuV). I was expecting a higher SNR figure...

It started with no audio for a while and at 20.96 kbps BR/P stereo and TPDradio label. Then, music started. The sound was good (~13 kHz BW) as well as the IR. I was monitoring until 08:45 then I left it unattended to the end of both transmissions. Sometime (?) the label changed to TDF-RFI and 18.28 kbps BR/ mono. Find attached the results.

Ager 02-02-2009 13:46

Jacques, I too, hope to read more from you, now onwards!
Yes, I seem to be in a worse position in this test here in the North. I guess I received much less that Sixten. There were several breaks in both transmissions. Anyway, much and long sequencies were quite listenable.

Previous TDF/CRI tests brought just perfect results here.

I guess, am normally a little aside from target areas, but anyway with lots of good daily receiving opportunities. So DRM listening is not going to loose its fascination.

Digger 02-02-2009 18:45

5865 became 5875, and BBC on that frequency at 19:45 UT is 40 dB stronger than the DRM signal ... :confused:

mitajohn 02-02-2009 18:58

Feb. 02 (5875 kHz)
Hi all,

Impossible to be received due to strong co-channel QRM.

Sixten 02-02-2009 20:09

Feb. 02 (5875 kHz)
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Hi all.

Good signal stringt from start but bad DRM propagtion and BBC 500Kw strong give influence . 2000UTC BBC QRT now better reciption . Signal stringth up to 74dbuV 2030UTC . Perfect last 40min.

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