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Digger 07-04-2013 21:29

SNR Saftica 5910 kHz
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6 MHz in the evening is a challenge. Bad Channel Impulse Response made decoding difficult with these TX parameters difficult. Sometimes you might wonder what the broadcaster thinks when he decides on this kind of configuration - too high bitrate etc. It would be much better to aim for a wider audience!

F1BJB 21-04-2013 18:15

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Nice competition with 5920Khz
No winner almost 100% audio for both.
Now this show a potential problem with DRM :
What if a wanted signal is between two others 20 dB stronger ?
Such a situation could easily happen in medium waves.
A way to minimise it would be to co locate transmitters on adjacent channels.
This doesn't look good as far as sharing antenna is concerned.
Having 18 or 20Khz wide channels with 2 stations like VOR does would be nice.

F1BJB 21-07-2013 18:15

The competition continues
Today only 50% audio for both
No sign of interference just poor propagation.

richardinprague 24-07-2013 20:22

Steady reception near Prague tonight
SNR Saftica popped up whilst my DR111 was auto-scanning this evening, with the Italian programme from just after 1800 for about 25 minutes with 100% audio decoding.

Signal strength 3 bars on the receiver and steady with normal whip antenna, giving SNR of 21dB and MER of 21 dB.

Yes, the neighbouring station at 5920 was also there, with a higher level audio output, but from this listener's point of view there was no mutual interference, although technically there probably was - I just don't have the equipment to measure it

F1BJB 01-08-2013 18:24

Tonight almost no audio on both transmissions

Sixten 26-08-2013 18:36

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Very strong signal S9+30db=64dbuV from my full size GP for 60m .But bad DRM propagation .

FritzWue 07-10-2013 18:41

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Good reception:

mitajohn 08-10-2013 18:45

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A short log and good results.

mitajohn 20-10-2013 18:43

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A short but perfect log. Sometimes this TX comes very strong here (>60dBuV). The R audio chennel has a very low level in comparison to the L one.

mitajohn 21-10-2013 18:42

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A 27mins almost perfect result. Strong signal again tonight.

mitajohn 26-10-2013 20:11

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Not a good result.

mitajohn 08-04-2014 20:17

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Although the rf signal is about 60dBuV the low SNR and high BR results in bad decoding.

mitajohn 09-04-2014 20:21

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A short log with the same problems as in my yesterday's log. As for the audio only the left channel can be heard, the right channel barely can be heard.

mitajohn 10-04-2014 20:17

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Bad results.

mitajohn 13-04-2014 20:50

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No luck, bad results.

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