View Full Version : DRM on the FT-817

01-10-2012, 18:56
Just added Crispino's 455kHz-12kHz DRM board to my FT-817, I don't have the optional filter installed so can use the 455kHz direct from one of the pins of J21 to feed the DRM board and got 13.2v from TP1804/Q1082 to power the board (See Service manual/Main Unit Parts layout).
I took the output through the board where the front mount BNC cable goes through then out the battery compartment (I don't use the battery on my FT-817 as it's firmly staying on my shack desk)

I have to say I am delighted with the results as it's one of the fastest decodes I have seen. Once installed you have to enable the CW option in Menu 38 and set the radio to CW (as you would expect), hook it up to the line input of the computer and away you go!

The advantage of this now is I have a fully featured adjustable receive filter on AM, USB, LSB, CW & FM.
OK, there is a slight delay (about 1 second) going through the DReaM program, but I can live with that.