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Kiwi Owen
17-04-2009, 11:28
Greetings from Saipan. This is my first post. I'm one of the engineers doing the test DRM broadcasts from KFBS.

I have the Digital World Traveller and this has been working well with XP. However, I had to purchase a new notebook and unfortunately it has Vista as its OS. I am having trouble with the installation of the DWT. Does anyone have some advice for me? I haven't been able to find a driver for Vista.

17-04-2009, 20:01
Hi Owen,
I had the same problem and this was one of the reasons for me to downgrade from Vista to XP.

Kiwi Owen
18-04-2009, 03:26
Hi Simone!
That's not what I want to hear! But, I did ask!

19-04-2009, 04:31
That was my solution too, though I'd made things even worse for myself
by trying to use 64 bit Vista :rolleyes:

Cheers, Chris

Kiwi Owen
20-04-2009, 04:20
Thanks, Chris,

I nearly ended up with the 64 bit system, too, but glad I didn't, for a number of other reasons!

20-04-2009, 12:41
Understood, but why don't you try some other receiver which doesn't need a specific SW to work with. There are some in the market...

Kiwi Owen
20-04-2009, 22:40
The reason is that we already have the DWT, and at this time, don't have the money to buy something else!

20-04-2009, 22:51
Why not install a dual boot system?
Something like

21-04-2009, 07:52
Yes, a very good option !

Kiwi Owen
23-04-2009, 22:39
THanks, again

Certainly worth considering!:)

Kiwi Owen
26-06-2009, 10:06
Hi all,

Sorry for not replying earlier with a progress report. I finally got myself organized and now have a virtual machine running in Vista, with XP. After some work, I can now use the Digital World Traveller!