View Full Version : Voice of Russia A09

29-03-2009, 17:22

I am trying to monitor the frequencies of the Voice of Russia in DRM, according to the various schedules on their websites, there are changes. Here are my findings :

Tonight :
1600-1800 ? english on 9810 kHz, 17kbps
1700-? italian on 9880 kHz, 14 kbps
9750 in use until 1600, I didn't check the language
No french on VOR DRM anymore. The frequency used for the french transmission was always the worst of both used at the time scheduled. Also no german tonight for the moment :(


30-03-2009, 16:12
9880 in French and toooo much modulation now on 9880 kHz at 1610 UTC with 14.06 kbps.