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18-02-2009, 00:16
Slovak Radio go to DRM (maybe).

Slovak Radio (http://www.rozhlas.sk/inetportal/2007/index.php?lang=1&stationID=0&page=showNews&id=63896&searchText=DRM) this year to test DRM on medium wave.

Inform the server DIGIZONE (http://www.digizone.cz/aktuality/slovensky-rozhlas-ziskal-povoleni-sirit-digitalni).

Simplified translation into English:
Slovak public radio (SRo) may be due to a permit from the local telecommunications office TU SR run experimental operation of digital radio broadcasting DRM. Server DigiZone.cz notify the regulatory authority spokesman Roman Vavro. Authorization is valid until the end of the year and allows the SRo to broadcast in DRM from the public radio (known as the Inverted Pyramid) in Bratislava, at a time from 18 to 6 am on the frequency 1098 kHz, a wave through the medium with 1 kW .

As we informed you yesterday, recently began broadcasting in DRM live Portuguese radio Radio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP). He collaborates with the station Deutsche Welle and spreads its signal to central Europe, so you can easily capture the listener in the Czech Republic. For the processing of this posting, it is necessary to hold a special radio receiver or be prepared to receive the current DRM. Digital short-wave spreads its signal such as the BBC World Service, Radio Vatican and the Polish public radio.

Photos anteny wire on the roof (vice pyramid shape) of the Slovak Radio which
will broadcast in DRM, click on this link http://www.edisk.cz/stahni/21226/SRo.zip_1.72MB.html .
Photos taken Boris Bielik (member CSDXC, http://www.dx.cz/index.php?newlang=english) in 2007.
Wired for central wave antena is suspended horizontally by 3 masts in her pangs charcoal 90 degrees.

Even informed the Slovak RadioTV server (http://sk.radiotv.cz/digital-clanky/1914/sro-ziskal-povolenie-na-prevadzku-digitalneho-vysielaca.html).

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