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07-09-2008, 11:36
** NIGERIA. Africast 2008 --- The 7th Africast convention will be
taking place in Abuja, Nigeria from October 21 to 23. First introduced
in 1996 by the National Broadcasting Commission of Nigeria, Africast
is a biennial conference platform centered around broadcast issues as
they relate to Africa. This year’s conference is devoted to the
challenges and implications of digitization for Africa’s broadcasters.

In cooperation with Thomson, Radio Benue, a Nigerian state
broadcasting organization, is providing live DRM transmissions for
this event using their Thomson 50 kW M2W transmitter installed at the
Makurdi station.

Thomson has provided Radio Benue with the DRM modulator/exciter Alto-
Stratus and will make DRM consumer receivers available during the
Africast convention. Our specialists will be happy to welcome visitors
and discuss the various exciting new coverage possibilities provided
by DRM and the Thomson end-to-end DRM transmission chain (RADIO NEWS,
AUTUMN 2008 - Published by Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia - Issue 31,
via Rachel Baughn, DXLD)

That`s 918 kHz; but the other Nigerian on 917 may cause a bit of a
problem. DRM DXers in Europe may have fun trying to decode this (Glenn