View Full Version : Spys: Get DRM radios!

22-07-2008, 22:38
Want to know how numbers stations work TODAY?
So just do this:

1. Tune to 5877 kHz after BBC World Service has closed down at 2200 UTC
2. Start "WinDRM"-Software (google WINDRM and you'll find the download link don't forget MELP DLL)
3. Allow receiving text messages under SETUP
4. Have a look into the new window!

Really a numbers station? Can somebody help? What's this??
Maybe weather-data?

Numbers from Kvitsoy?? :confused:

Here you can get WinDRM: http://www.tima.com/~djones/drmset.htm

(or who is the technican who does a joke with me? who is the HAM who got access to the Kvitsoy TX? :D )

23-07-2008, 22:04
Wow, some different numbers today.

16-08-2008, 22:45
Tried again today and that funny thing is still on air. Asked someone at Telenor / Norkring and he said that the numbers do not originate from the Kvitsoy tx. :confused:

Transmission usually starts at 2200 UTC (and lasts about one or two houres), one second after closedown of BBC. So I bet this comes from Kvitsoy. Maybe a test of VT?

If someone else can receive the numbers (or even more) please be so kind and give me a post here in this thread. Thanks!

Would be better to transmit a programe of a broadcaster instead of these silly numbers.

Good night.*

* The only known plain text broadcasted by a numbers station.