View Full Version : Raiway and RadioVaticana on 26060 Khz in Rome Italy

03-07-2008, 06:42
Hello, the 1st of July Raiway and RadioVaticana has started the test in DRM on 26060 Khz from the Vatican City in the middle of Roma.

Here are the info of the DRM Signal:

Mode DRM A - Width 20 Khz, tre audio service on the air RaiWay Roma (AAC+ Mono 20.24 kpbs) + AFS, Vatican Radio (AAC+ Mono 20.24 kpbs) e
RV Worldservice (CELP + Mono 5.26 Kbps).

Tx power is less than 200 watt, the antenna is a 3 element yagi (ham tipe).

Here http://www.mediasuk.org/iw0hk/26_mhz_drm.htm you can see some image of the Drm signal during reception with Dream

Wishes, Andrea IW0HK
Roma Italy