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27-06-2008, 15:24
DRM will succeed and cheap receivers are coming very soon:

Long article interviewing Adil Mina of Continental Electronic, scroll down or put Adil in find, includes:

Mina is also encouraged about what's coming out of China. His friends at Thomson Broadcast found and worked with Dr. Lin Liang who founded a private company, Newstar Electronics, that plans to make DRM receivers. "I have seen three of these small receivers," said Mina.
"Today the design is being completed on these receivers a very, very small receiver. This is the new star that is coming from China, that is going to make DRM a success."

The new Chinese receiver will have a small LCD screen, a built-in photo album, a GPS and a DRM receiver. "What's going to make DRM are these devices," Mina believes. "You're going to step out of your airplane. You're going to travel to any city you want. You're going to pull it out, and right there you're going to have a DRM receiver. You're going to receive your program with good quality anywhere in the world. This is what is going to be the success of DRM in my opinion."

On the other hand:

There had been talk in the business (including from Mr Mina!) that the Chinese would have a lot of DRM transmissions on air in time for the Olympics. "That's not going to happen," said Mina,

Full piece, followed by article on What's Happening with DRM in the United States at: