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27-06-2008, 08:08
There is a newly published report "Future Radio" by The Swedish Radio and TV Authority. It says: There is a consensus within the radio (industry) that radio should be digitalized, and the DAB + is the technology to be used.

Radio and Television Director Bj÷rn RosÚn says: radio is important media, but it needs to be developed to meet listeners needs.

So the report believes that the future (Swedish domestic) radio will be DAB+ It says DRM gives no more space for additional channels than FM band today, rather less. DAB+ is an updated version of the already tested DAB standard, and could enable about 80 nation-wide channels on the existing frequence range, the report says. And that is why DRM should be seen as complementary techics. To adjust DRM for higher frequencies for better sound quality there are DRM+ tests on 30 to 120 MHz. That way DRM+ could replace FM but it would need the frequencies used now by FM transmittors. DRM+ could not be used parallelly with the analogue radio like HD radio, the report says.

The raport, in Swedish only : http://www.rtvv.se/_upload/infomatrial/Framtidens%20radio%20-%20slutrapport_tillg.pdf

The authority: http://www.rtvv.se/uk/start/