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02-06-2008, 18:17
Press info:

Hungarian Catholic Radio and Antenna Hungária launch the first middle-wave digital DRM tests in HungaryFriday, 30 May 2008

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of its existence, Hungarian Catholic Radio is about to launch a digital middle-wave (DRM) pilot transmission on May 30, 2008 in collaboration with Antenna Hungária.

Hungarian Catholic Radio considers to be a part of its mission that listening to the programmes of the Radio be secured for Hungarian speaking populations both within the national boundaries and in regions living outside the territory of our country. The best way to achieve this goal, to use the middle-wave broadcasting band. In the course of the experiments ahead of us primarily the changes in the quality parameters of reception, the relation of transmission capacity to coverage, and protection against external disturbances are intended to be investigated.

Following the launch of the tests, Catholic Radio and Antenna Hungária shall carry pilot transmissions in the month of June, 2008 during pre-defined periods of time using the Lakihegy transmission station of the Radio at 810 kHz in daytime and during the nights with the aim to conduct practical examinations regarding the technical opportunities for DRM, and to assess the area of coverage during daytime and night time. Simultaneously, subjective assessments shall be completed as well, in order to evaluate the sound quality achievable in DRM operating mode.

Digital radio is still in an embryonic stage in Hungary, estimates range up to a maximum of a few dozens when it comes to the number of digital radio receivers located within the country. However, there is an ongoing tender for digital radio multiplex and – provided it will be concluded with a favourable outcome – commercial terrestrial digital broadcasting service could be started in Hungary in the near future. Antenna Hungária, as one of the Tender Applicants on the digital radio tender, is well prepared to wait for the decision to be made on the introduction of terrestrial digital radio broadcasting some time in the summer. The company has conducted experimental DAB transmissions since 1995 and digital radio experiments were further extended last year to include DAB+ and T-DMB projects last year. TDF Group, Antenna Hungária's mother company carried out successful DRM experiments in France and other European countries, the experiences of which are readily available – Jean-Francois Fenech, Chief Executive Officer of Antenna Hungária said.

Antenna Hungária Zrt. Magyar Katolikus Rádió Zrt.


JUNE 2008:

06/04/2008 Wed 13:30 – 15.30
06/05/2008 Thu 00:30 – 04:00
06/11/2008 Wed 13:30 – 15.30
06/12/2008 Thu 00:30 – 04:00
06/18/2008 Wed 13:30 – 15.30
06/19/2008 Thu 00:30 – 04:00
06/25/2008 Wed 13:30 – 15.30
06/26/2008 Thu 00:30 – 04:00
(probably local times, UTC+2)


02-06-2008, 18:55
TX antenna picture at http://www.ahrt.hu/Sajtoszoba/Sajtofotok.aspx (click on Laki-hegy).