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25-05-2008, 15:38
The German section of Radio Bulgaria reports in the DX program that the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) will start DRM broadcasting tomorrow. In a first step, the home service "Radio Horizont" will be on air in DRM and in a second step, the foreign services in English, French, German and Spanish will be transmitted in DRM. There are no information given on frequencies or sites.

Here is the information in German:
Zunächst in eigener Sache: Ab Montag, dem 26. Mai, beginnt der Bulgarische nationale Rundfunk als erste bulgarische Rundfunkanstalt mit der Ausstrahlung von DRM-Sendungen. Zunächst wird nur das Programm des Inlandssenders „Horizont“ digital ausgestrahlt. In einem zweiten Schritt sollen aber bald auch Sendungen von Radio Bulgarien in Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Spanisch folgen.


As I know from Klaus, Bulgaria has reserved many frequencies for digital use, but they never were on air so far. These QRGs are: 5800, 7500, 11500, 13570, 13850, 13855, 13865, 15725, 15735, 15750, 15770, 15780, 15790, 17560 kHz.
Let's see and hear if BNR will start DRM tomorrow and which frequencies will be used.
If anyone catches a signal, please report in the forum! ;)

25-05-2008, 18:01
The BNR DRM schedule

Sofia, 20 kW, 306 degrees:
Mon-Thu 09-12 11900, 13-16 9700
Fri-Sun 06-12 11900

26-05-2008, 18:05
BNR initiates digital broadcasts abroad

The Bulgarian National Radio began 26 May, on its major “Horizont” channel, trial DRM digital broadcasts abroad. This is a historic event not only for BNR but also for the Bulgarian media market. We hope to be able to attract thus attention on the need of more accelerated rates in joining the digital era, Valery Todorov, BNR Director General, said while presenting the project. The digital trials will continue with a six-hour long mix of BNR’s three channels- Horizont, Hristo Botev and Radio Bulgaria in five languages. The broadcasts are designed for Central and Western Europe citizens as well as the exte3nsive Bulgarian Diaspora there. The new technology will make it possible to effect substantial cutbacks on BNR broadcasting costs, improve the quality of the service and transmit an integrated multimedia product, Valery Todorov specified.
Source: Bulgarian National Radio - English Service This text is also available in other languages

11-03-2009, 15:48
Foreign language DRM schedule from 29/03/09

0200-0300 -daily- North America 9500 DRM
1730-1800 -daily- West Europe 9400 DRM

1700-1730 -daily- West Europe 9400 DRM

1630-1700 -daily- West Europe 9400 DRM

1530-1600 -daily- East Europe 9400 DRM