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30-04-2008, 08:21
Digital Aurora Radio Technologies of Delta Junction, AK has applied to the FCC for authorization to experiment with statewide DRM in the 5, 7 and 9 MHz shortwave bands.

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30-04-2008, 17:59
A very interesting proposal indeed. According to the FCC application, the plan is to have a 1500 mile service radius (2400 km) on those bands, which will cover the entire state very well. The application notes 8 Continental Electronics transmitters of unknown power, and would be used to transmit 100kW during the experiment. As I live within 1500 miles of the proposed transmitter site, I am very excited by this proposed experiment.

20-05-2008, 11:07
Hi all,

Here is an update from the Radio World Newspaper: http://www.radioworld.com/pages/s.0139/t.13551.html

21-05-2008, 15:55
Funny how they state they don't want to interfere with any international broadcasts to Western Canada: there really aren't any! There are perhaps two to three SW broadcasts to all of the western half of North America, mainly Cuba, RNW, and perhaps China. I live 15 miles/24km south of the border and some 50 miles/80km south of Vancouver, and there simply are not that many that are sent my way. It would be nice to monitor this experiment once it gets going, and I'd prefer to have some DRM make it down here.