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25-02-2008, 13:24
I will be at the HAM RADIO 2008 International Exhibition for Radio Amateurs 2008
June 27-29, 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Lake Konstanz, Germany.
( as almost every year since 1975 ;) )
Is anybody interested in something like a DRM listener's meeting, getting to know each other, or experience exchange, or DRM promotion anyway?
...just an idea...

25-02-2008, 15:53

yes I am interested to have some exchange with people, who manage SDRs or DRM.

Not - I think - on the fair, but one one fixed day at an external meeting point.

I would come from Upper-Suebia or Nürnberg to meet colleges fromt the internet.

One should have a type of programm or items, which could be discussed.

At least there should be a little symbolic presence of different receivers. And we should bring with us some computers to show and present action.


16-06-2008, 21:41
Hi Wolfgang et al.

obviously not many people interested....so no activity.
Anyway, if someone wants to talk to me,
I'll be on the fleamarket in hall B1 at tables D004 to D007.

17-06-2008, 10:32
I am very interested, but the distance is to far for me. :(

Sorry, Stephan

17-06-2008, 14:19
I'm interested too, but obviously far away for me...