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17-11-2007, 12:59
Did not find this topic in the archives. If it was discussed earlier, I am sorry.

Please, colleaugues, could not you explain, why BBC label for DRM broadcasting is: BBCWorld Service, but not BBC World Service? Are 16 characters for Latin alphabet restricted for DRM titles by standard? In DRM system specification ETSI ES 210 980 V2.2.1 on page 71 p. Label data entity - type 1 is written: "label: this is a variable length field of up to 64 bytes containing character data for up to 16 characters using UTF-8 coding (ISO/IEC 10646(4])". Does DRM stream take 4 bytes for one character transmitting Latin part of UTF-8? UTF-8 inself takes one byte for 0000 - 007F reserved for Latin alphabet.
Other alphabets are coded by more than one byte for the character, for example, Cyrillic and Arabic - by two bytes. Does it mean, that for labels of these alphabets are reserved only 8 characters? To my mind it is not enough. Chineese characters are coding by three UTF-8 bytes - not more than 5 characters.