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27-10-2007, 19:07
DRM.org has updated its live broadcast listings with the B-07 data. No longer 24h RTL radio and RTL (France). That is really a pity. Especially no evening broadcasts, when I am at home and have time to tune in. RNW has couple of hours in English to Europe, but almost no Dutch language broadcasts to Europe. Only good thing are the extra hours BBC WS, especially on 1296 kHz.

28-10-2007, 09:20

You're right, its really a pity! But i think for RTL it isn't worth it to broadcast in these hours at wintertime because skip zone is bigger than target zone and so no RX is possible.

Maybe for RTL its worth to think about a frequenzy far below 6 MHz (3.xxx/4.xxx ?) (and a simple antenna; dipole or something) like DW does at the evening and night hours...?


(Example Pics are at 21.00 UTC)

30-10-2007, 12:32
RTL 6095 / 5990 is still 24 h on air.
Found this in the Radioforum ukwtv.de:

Habe in Junglinster angerufen beide frequenzen sind momentant 24/24 on air bis....anders entschiedet wird. Was die 5990 anbelangt die soll auch noch aus Wertachtal kommen. Für die 25795 wurde in Dudelange eine neue antenne montiert. Sorgen macht gestern abend ab 19:00 (UTC) Radio Belarus auf 6090.