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22-08-2007, 12:17
France Launches Experiments on Digital Radio

At the end of May 2007, the CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l´Audiovisuel) authorised TDF to lead experiments on digital radio such as DMB and DRM.

Thus, since one month already, long term DRM member TDF has started transmitting two DRM mono programs in the 26MHz band in Rennes. The DRM transmissions are sent from Cesson Sévigné and offer both a music and a talk program on the frequency 25775 KHz.

Furthermore a DRM program in parametric stereo is on-air on medium wave 999 KHz since June. This program is being broadcast from the TDF site Villebon in the Paris area. Feedbacks from listeners indicate clear reception quality in Paris, Colombes and Orléans.

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