View Full Version : University of Delft DRM tests on 28100

15-08-2007, 12:03
The Delft University of Technology started experimental DRM transmissions on 28100. On enquiry ("this frequency must be a typo?") they replied that the authorities were not really cooperative and refused to grant a permission for transmissions in the 11 metre broadcasting band, so they just went ahead and settled in the neighbouring 10 metre hamband instead.

(with photos of equipment)

The most recent posting in this thread comments: "And tomorrow you can
read it on the website of the intruder watch and afterwards Agentschap
Telecom will visit TU Delft. It's about the most stupid thing they could

(Source: Kai Ludwig, DX Listening Digest, 14/08)

Is 0900-1800 (local?) Monday to Friday 400 watts.

16-08-2007, 16:28
I had 28100 tuned in during the afternoon but no luck. However on 28.182 MHz there I heard SV3AQR/B AMALIAS (Greece) for hours. The Es is on the wrong side of my location. :rolleyes:

16-08-2007, 21:44
They removed the details from www.drm.org
Lets wait what will be the next steps.
(I am Dutch, and like to have more local actions on DRM).