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07-07-2007, 07:55

Himalaya's DRM receiver "DRM2009" is out now.

Find out more at: www.himalaya.com.hk or at www.t-online-shop.de

249 Euros (ohne Versandkosten :rolleyes: )

I collected some information about the RX at my homepage www.dxaktuell.de (sorry, in German):

DRM, DAB, USB, LW, MW, KW, SD card, EPG, AMSS, RDS....
and it's possible to use an external antenna.
I found many photos of the receiver in this forum. Just type in "DRM2009" or "Himalaya" in the SEARCH form.

Have a nice day

07-07-2007, 17:51
Seems that it is not delivered outside Germany from there. I wonder if there is any better online shop?

07-07-2007, 19:29
Try http://www.charly-hardt.de/drm.html

08-07-2007, 15:55
Hmm guess I will order one tomorrow. Lke to know about battery life and does it have antenna sockets for DAB AND DRM I wonder ? What about SSB reception ??

08-07-2007, 17:16
Hmm guess I will order one tomorrow. Lke to know about battery life and does it have antenna sockets for DAB AND DRM I wonder ? What about SSB reception ??

Well, I know a bit about the battery life: not so good, I guess about 2 hours in DRM mode.
There is a plug for external DRM antennas, don't know about DAB.

SBB reception? Sorry,.... :rolleyes:

If you buy one, please report!!!!!! :)

Have a nice evening

13-07-2007, 12:45
So has anyone ordered one ?! It's a shame that no UK supplier is going to stock it

13-07-2007, 19:48

Who has the new receiver DRM Himalaya 2009 that can make has reported on the reception?
It´s same to the Morphy Richards DRM radio ?
Thanks from CT1ADT/Esteves

14-07-2007, 08:15
First tests at http://www.rein-hoeren.de !

radio made noises like a woodpeaker or a Geiger counter
good DAB reception
second-rate FM tuner
"numb SW tuner with DRM"

They say, DRM reception works, but they could receive only about five stations. (I guess they didn't use an external antenna.)
Average tone quality, and a second-rate quality of digestion.

Sorry again of my bad English... :rolleyes:


P.S: "Trotzdem, ein Bedienkomfort wie im Bollerwagen." :D

23-07-2007, 15:23
Dealer review, seems there are problems with the set, best online translation I can find suggests processor is insufficiently protected and screened:


01-08-2007, 15:20
Not sure if everyone does read in the German speaking area of the forum, there is a post that performance can be greatly improved by switching off the ferrite antenna in the engineering menu.

03-10-2007, 08:29

Himalaya sold the radios "too early". Some days ago they brought a second (improved) version on the market (see www.thiecom.de, www.charly-hardt.de).

I have heard that the radio performs "better", but not "perfect".

Have a nice day

03-10-2007, 18:47
And what is exaclty improved? I see only increased price!

01-11-2007, 19:48
Dear All,

(my) test report of Himalaya DRM 2009 is online now.

See here http://www.knallfunke.de/himalaya

regards Rainer

05-11-2007, 07:49
Hallo an alle,

Eine Frage: ist hier jemand, der einen aktuellen Himalaya besitzt?
Wenn ja, bitte mal bei mir melden.

Ich möchte gerne einige Ergebnisse aus meinem Testbericht vergleichen.

Wenn sich ein, zwei oder drei Himalaya Besitzer mal melden könnten wäre ich dankbar....

Viele Grüße Rainer