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23-05-2007, 13:57
This receiver is a classic AM /FM/ SW from RoadStar TRA-2350P .
It is PLL Synthezized World Band with dual conversion.
One conversion, output IF of 455kHz to the converter of 455kHZ/12kHZ
that it allows to receiver DRM/LSB/USB/CW with Dream aid or other.
I put the converter inside of the receiver and now output IF 12 kHz for decoder.
you can see more...
http://cgi.ebay.it/Roadstar-TRA-2350P-uscita-a-455-kHz-convertitore-DRM_W0QQitemZ130097908121QQihZ003QQcategoryZ1502QQ ssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

16-06-2007, 10:35
We test the set for DRM-beginners. We make also a small video with the Roadstar and Dream in action, which could be of intrest.

If you like to have a look: http://www.rein-hoeren.de/drm.shtml (http://www.rein-hoeren.de/drm.shtml)