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19-04-2007, 15:27
Are there any possibilities of European stations using this mode given it needs 18/20 kHz bandwidth? I was thinking perhaps of two adjacent channels that can be used for low power broadcasting under the current allocations, in the UK there are LPAM allocations on 1278 and 1287 for example.


The DRM Consortium, All India Radio (AIR) and the ABU are organising a
radio broadcasting event of significant interest to our medium wave
radio broadcaster members. This event, the DRM-AIR-ABU Showcase on SCS
Simulcasting in MW Band, will trial DRM digital radio
transmissions in the medium wave band using the Single Channel
Simulcast (SCS), Multi-Channel Simulcast (MCS) technologies. It will
also trial local DRM radio transmissions in the 26 MHz band, Near
Vertical Incidence transmissions and DRM shortwave radio

The principle objective of project is to showcase the feasibility and
working of the relatively new technology of SCS and MSC, while
broadcasting AM and DRM signals using only one transmitter. The
project aims at equipping the participants with sufficient expertise
in the area of simulcasting in the MW band which will help in carrying
out similar trials in their own countries. For more information and to
participate, contact Sharad Sadhu at sharad.s @ abu.org.my (ABU Weekly
News Digest, Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 15:04:56 via Yimber Gaviria,
Colombia, DXLD)

mvs sarma
09-05-2007, 15:06
A friend of mine could get little details , if they are of some use , as below.

"Dear Sarmaji,

There is not regular schedules maintained by AIR for DRM transmission.

In connection with the DRM ABU AIR Showcase Project Digital Radio Transmission Workshop, the follwing tests in DRM is scheduled on SW.

9 May 2007 6100 150 kw 0230-0730 UTC AIR Khampur (Delhi)

9 May 2007 15650 90 kW 0403-0600 UTC Deutsche Welle, Trincomalle, Sri Lanka.

10 May 2007 26100 0230-0730 UTC 500 W AIR Kingsway (Delhi)

11 May 2007 26100 kHz 0230-0730 UTC 500 W AIR Kingsway (Delhi)

11-12 May 2007 3315 Evening & Night 2 KW AIR Kingsway (Delhi)

There are tests on 666 kHz also on 9 & 10 May with 100 kw at 0230-0730 UTC from AIR Nagli (Delhi)

If I got any further update I shall inform you.

Till then 73 to you,

30-05-2007, 10:33
The following modes were tested:

- SCS AM (9 kHz) DRM(9 kHz) 100 kW AM, 2.5 kW DRM 22kbps A/64/4/0.5/S **
- SCS AM (9 kHz) DRM(9 kHz) 100 kW AM, 2.5 kW DRM 22kbps A/16/4/0.5/S
- SCS MW A/16/4/0.5/S 11 kbps AM-DRM ( 96 - 4 kW) coverage comparision
- SCS AM (9 kHz) DRM (4 kHz) A/64/4/0.5/S
- Full channel (18 kHz) DRM transmission on MW ( 666 kHz) A/64/16/0.6/S 45 kbps
- DRM 26 MHz local broadcasting (20 kHz) B/16/4/0.5/L 21 kbps, 500 w
- NVIS Static 3315 kHz (10 kHz) B/16/4/0.5/L 11 kbps 2 kW
- NVIS 6100 kHz (10 kHz) B/16/4/0.5/L 11 kbps 150 kW
- DRM Long distance SW via DW Trincomalee (10 kHz) 90 kW 17 kbps B/64/16/0.5/L

** A/64/4/0.5/S - Mode A/MSC 64 QAM/SDC 4 QAM/Code Rate 0.5/Short Interleaving

mvs sarma
31-05-2007, 05:53
Thanks to MikeB