View Full Version : Morphy Richards Model 7024

David G4DMP
09-03-2007, 14:26
Has anyone else carried out the Sat-Schneider modifications to the Morphy Richards Model 7024 DRM receiver?

I have, and I am most disappointed. Changing the two 7805 regulators to the switching controller has not reduced the supply current to 0.42A as stated in the information. The current remains at 0.72A.

Also, I find now that I am unable to use the original power unit. This 9V power unit provides an on-load voltage of 12V. With 12V, the radio only operates for a few seconds before it goes back into stand-by and then cycles between stand-by and On continuously.

To get the radio to work from an external supply, I have to use a 10V supply. However, 10V is insufficient to provide any charging current to the NiMh batteries.

As things are at present, I am unable to recommend the Sat-Schneider mod and am thinking of putting back the original 7805 regulators so I can use the original power supply and provide sufficient current to charge the batteries.

I would be interested to know of anyone else's experience with the Sat-Schneider mod?


David G4DMP
12-03-2007, 11:40
I am pleased to say that the problem with the Sat-Schneider modification has been solved. I had connected one of the regulators the wrong way round!

After correcting the fault, the radio is working to specification, both from the internal NiMh batteries and from the external supply. The total current is now 400mA compared with 720mA without the modification.

73 de David G4DMP