View Full Version : DRM stations PEP or RMS power?

06-03-2007, 23:11
Is the transmit power of DRM stations expressed in PEP or RMS ?
for instance, is bitXpress transmitting with 0.1kW PEP or RMS?

I couldn't find this anywhere, every list just states some output power with no reference to whether it's pep or rms. Since DRM modulation has a high pep/rms ratio of about 9dB, that makes a big difference.

08-03-2007, 16:33
Average (mean) powers should be the ones quoted. The measurment procedures (published by ETSI and IEC) rely on connnecting a dummy load to a transmitter and measuring the heating effect over a period of time - that's similar to RMS power. The Peak power is 9 or 10 dBs higher, depending on the maufacturer of the transmitter.