View Full Version : World Radio Network proposes evaluation of DRM+ 55-68 MHz

16-01-2007, 13:47
UK regulator Ofcom have now published their proposals following a consultation on 55-68 Mhz usage.

World Radio Network replied to the consultation proposing an evaluation of the band for DRM+. Interestingly they said:

Following some initial work within the DRM Consortium on protection ratios for DRM+, there is some evidence that band-sharing of OFDM and FM services may not be quite as straightforward as anticipated. Whilst further work is required to fully quantify the mechanisms involved, it would currently appear that starting DRM+ services in a band free from broadcast FM transmissions would be a lowerrisk strategy. This would not compromise future wholesale migration to DRM+ in Band II at some future date, if and when FM services are phased out.

Full document 60.7 KB pdf:

Ofcom's response:
Ofcom will consider all other requests for alternative uses of this spectrum, for example DRM testing, directly and will assess whether an appropriate WTA licence for the purpose defined in the request exists. However, it may well consult JFMG (they licence audio distribution systems in some parts of the band) with regard to the frequency availability and interference issues pertaining to such requests.

Full Ofcom response to 55-68 MHz (pages 26-27) 103 KB pdf:http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/rrs_5568/statement/statement.pdf