View Full Version : Pori shutdown

11-12-2006, 06:56
According to YLE Radio 1, Pori Shortwave Base will shut down all its transmittors Jan 1, 2007. The national broadcasting company YLE, which has been the only client, has decided to end all AM transmitting except Helsinki MW station (covering Baltic Sea area only). Pori Shortwave Base (with also one MW transmitter) is owned by Digita (which is now owned by TDF).

Thus, Jan 1, e.g. the frequencies 6120 kHz and 11755 kHz, used by YLE for Central Europe, will become silent. The situation is challencing, says the technical chief Kalevi Vahtera in an interview by YLE. According to him, the base empoloyes 7+1 persons. He believes the decision of YLE was too hasty, the overall digitalisation will take place in AM, but the process is slow.

YLE is having big financial problems, and more cuts are expected. The selling of Digita with all its transmitter net to TDF has also recently been critizised.