View Full Version : DRM show, a Hamradio event in Lisbon.

07-11-2006, 17:30
Hi all
Here is some pictures, of a DRM show, during a Hamradio event in Lisbon,
in last day 29 of October.
Mrs Carlos Mourato-CT4RK, and Mr Manuel Esteves-CT1ADT from DW-Sines, setup a receiver station and show to the visitors how great is the audio quality of the DRM. The target area was not Portugal, but anyway, DW, RTL,RNW BBC, and Radio Kuwait are the "stars" of the day. But surprising, RNZi was the first "star" of day with a robust audio during the transmission that finish at 10:00 local time. Due the good conditions propagation, we are able to receive at all time, DRM stations without any dropouts.