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14-10-2006, 15:56

Knowing both Sangean and Universal Radio, this unit will be overpriced :mad:

Nice to see the pictures though.

24-10-2006, 13:52
Hi all!
This is a mail received from Sangean when I asked for DRM40 receiver.
By the way, another delay!!!... Wath is hapen with the DRM receivers???.. is the radioscape delayed to deliver DRM moduls??? First, in the 2006, next in Augs 2006, and next Oct. and now In the next year...or maybe in the next decade!!:mad:

Dear Mr. Mourato,

Unfortunately DRM-40 is not yet available.
It will be available February 2007.
By that time you can go to our dealer in Portugal:
Imporaudio Lda

Hope to have informed you accordingly.

With best regards,

Mrs. Hutjens

Sangean Europe bv
Ankerkade 20
5928 PL Venlo
The Netherlands

Tel +31-77-382 9344
Fax +31-77-387 5357

e-mail sales@sangean.nl
site www.sangean.nl <http://www.sangean.nl>

24-10-2006, 14:16
An email on another board has some information. The Radiostore email at the link below is from German online retailer http://www.radiostore.de/


Regarding the UK an email from Roberts last week said:

"We have been working on this type of system for some time now. The problem is that there are not enough UK stations using the DRM
system. As we only manufacture for the UK there would not be enough demand as yet. This will mean next year before any thoughts of releasing it."

14-01-2007, 19:19
Seems like more delays with the Sangean DRM40, thiecom.de have updated again and are now saying in red lettering:

Laut Hersteller derzeit kein genauer Liefertermin bekannt. - Auch nicht ca. oder eventuell!

Babelfish translates as:

According to manufacturer no exact date of delivery admits at present. - also not approx. or possibly!


Charly Hardt still has May 2007 up, radiostore.de now says:

Lieferzeit: Rufen Sie an!

Babelfish translation:

Delivery time: Call!

07-08-2007, 09:32
Two nice mails from Sangean:

Number One:
"Is Sangean going to display the DRM-40 at the IFA?

Hi , Douglas .

We won't display DRM 40 at the IFA this time . Market and receiver performance are both the issues .

Best Regards ,

Sangean Taiwan

And Numer Two:
"But the radio will be on the market this year?!"

Hi , Douglas .

No , the receiver won't be on the market this year due to market and receiver performance issues .

Best Regards ,


21-08-2007, 22:37
Now possibly abandoned: