View Full Version : Email from Himalaya "Small quantities, end of the year"

03-10-2006, 10:34
Dear Dave,

First, we would like to apologize for the late reply. As always, we would
like to give our customers more definite and trustworthy answers.

For you information, we are currently making major effects to deliver the
two DRM receivers, namely, the DRM2008 and DRM2009, to the market. We
expect we would have a very small quantity of DRM2009 by the end of 2006.
We will post dealers information (including UK) online when that is
available. There are a significant amount of customization we got from
radioscape while it is based on the new updated version. I hope this
gives you a sense of the UI and I will be happy to provide you more

We encourage you to sign up our newsletter (http://www.himalaya.com.hk) so
that we can have the pleasure to further inform you about the development.

Best Regards,