View Full Version : Running the DRM Software under Linux

20-08-2006, 19:56
Hi all,

I thought it might perhaps be of general interest that the DRM software can also be run under Linux using the Windows emulator wine. I am currently running it using Ubuntu Linux 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) after having installed it to a linux folder using wine in the installation process.
With the window maximized, CPU utilisation is very high, ie up to around 80% on my AthlonXP 3000+ system. With the window minimized however, CPU utilization drops to just a little more than the value required when run on Windows on the same machine.
So far, I am unable to run the programme with the audio mixer in ALSA mode, however OSS does work.

EDIT: After listening for a while, it becomes apparent that there is a little problem with the audio since there seem to be glitches in the demodulated audio. I was also unable to get the Multimediaplayer to display Journaline content, the player showed its startup screen but nothing further.
Perhaps performance can still be tuned for those functions to work properly.