View Full Version : DRM Chairman: Analogue can end when 50% of audience goes digital

20-08-2006, 18:23
Has it crossed Mr. Senger's mind that if this proposal was implemented the listeners he craves might do something else for their audio entertainment, note he is not looking for financial assistance for small broadcasters without the financial resources to convert to digital, if there is enough frequency space for them, nice of him to think of me as valuable capital though!

16th August 2006
Broadcasters attending the panel discussion during the ABU Digital Radio Convention today were told that it was viable to shut off analogue transmission when at least half of the audience had switched to digital mode. Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Chairman, Peter Senger, also said that consumers who could not afford digital receivers after the switch-off date should be given some form of assistance. Mr Senger, who spoke during the panel discussion on "What is the future of digital radio?", said existing listeners were "valuable capital" and must not be lost in the transition process.